Saturday, January 26, 2008

Being Gracious

It's been too long between posts, I know. I spent most of this week trying to get this photo off my phone, Bluetooth has officially eluded me. I know it doesn't look like it has much to do with being gracious but I will try and explain. I spent Monday and Tuesday in Sydney attending training. The purpose of the trip was to learn and get a little support from the Sydney based trainer. As it turned out she was not at all willing to teach or support and treated me with animosity and contempt for my entire visit. So I'm practising being gracious about the whole turn of events. For all I know she may be having a really bad week. So instead of getting hot headed I've decided to be gracious and concede that it's not all about me! As for the picture, it's taken from the plane on landing at Canberra airport where my family was waiting for me. It's so great to be home with people that love me. By the way - Happy Australia Day!

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Deborah Sherwood said...

my - have times changed! :-D