Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Transformer That Doesn't

Here's a picture of the my eldest son holding his Christmas present from Santa. It's now known in our house as the Transformer that doesn't transform - this is also how he introduces it to friends and family. For the past 3 months he's wanted one - so we got recommendations from other parents and were told that this one was the IT toy. A whopping $50 later we were convinced we were going to have one happy little boy on
Christmas Day. After struggling through the packaging Daddy was the first to point out that it does nothing. After intense scanning of the box we find the fine print (very very fine) at the bottom of the box - DOES NOT CONVERT. We made up for Santa's 'mistake' by buying him one that does convert and this one has been relegated to the space under the sofa where all forgotten toys go.

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