Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quilt Project - Take Four

So I have finally put the strips together for my quilt. Despite being a relatively simple pattern, actually squaring off the quilt has been a challenge. I believe that quilting is chaos theory in action. One slight error can culminate in one large discrepancy in measurements. I am now trying to work out what to do for border - it needs it. In keeping with theme of Amy Butler Lotus I think I'll use this one for the backing. I like the contrast of the dark back to the light front.

As far as border goes I think I'll go for this. As Joy from A Joyful Soul Fabrics pointed out, maybe the green will bring out the greens in the quilt top. I do like green.

But I have just learned that Amy Butler is now doing coordinating solids so we'll see how we go... and for the binding. Well it has to be a stripe - that's becoming my tradition.

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