Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quilt Project #2 - Take 1

Look what arrived today! I am in fabric heaven. This is the stash that will be used to create my next quilt. I was going to publish a picture of the pattern I plan to follow but then I thought it would be nice to see it evolve here. I went with fabrics by Sandi Henderson from her Farmer's Market collection. I just couldn't go past those apples. A big thank you to Ruth from Sew Love Fabrics etsy store. My list of 29 fabrics was not for the faint hearted and she not only had them all in stock but had them sent off to me in less than 24 hours - what a feat! She'll be happy to know that I miscalulated just a little so I'll have to return for a little more backing fabric. Now let the fun begin.

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