Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Pounce - Chairs, Rooster and Hen

It was a long time to find the right pounce this morning but this is what I finally landed on. Firstly, the colour and then the chairs - I really have a thing for chairs. I also love the story that went with it .. "This is a picture of Martin the rooster's beloved chair collection. He's the kind of guy who can't drive past a chair on the side of the road without taking it home and fixing it up; well, sometimes fixing it up, a lot of the time they just get added to the ever growing brokeny tree forest in the garage. Miriam the hen finds this all very vexing."
This gorgeous print is from zukzuk etsy store. Her prints are beautiful and I think I could definitely find a place for this one in my house!

1 comment:

zukzuk said...

Why, thank you!

Lucky you for receiving such a sweet toy - happy belated birthday!