Friday, January 30, 2009

Handmade Market - Valentines

{pictures via RioACT}

The Handmade upMarket is on again on the 7th of February and this time with a Valentines theme. I'm really taken with these pieces by Canvas Wall. I can't seem to find much about them except an email address. This time I'm going and with good friend Rach who shares my love of all things quirky and handmade. I'm looking forward to seeing the real thing and hopefully not spending too much money ~ that comment is for you sweetie.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Work Space

OK... so maybe not the best photo in the world but try and picture it! This was a built-in wardrobe that the woman who owned the house before us had converted it into a sewing nook. I thought it would make a nice space for my computer and persisted for 6 months but the 'desk' she had in there was just too narrow so I pulled it out. This is my first time to paint in our new house and I went for an inspiring shade of green. The white gaps will be home to cork sheets so I will have enough space for all my notes, ideas and inspiration. I've just finished the first coat of paint for the trimming and am getting quite asphyxiated on the smell I think I had better leave the room.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Trip to Spotlight

My gorgeous friend Rach and I decided to brave Spotlight this afternoon. It really requires a strong constitution as it is such a store of chaos and yet if you are willing to persist you can most times pick up a bargain. I almost became trapped in the rug department. I went armed with my iPhone for inspiration and Rach went with a very long list for all her projects. There is a definite theme to the fabrics that I captured. The middle one I bought but it's not pink and pale green but actually a very dark brown on a very dark green and I think will make a groovy pair of shorts for my boys.

Monday, January 12, 2009

No Time for Pouncing

It occured to me this morning, being Monday, that I didn't do a pounce yesterday! So how did I fill my Sunday? I installed a web server and Joomla! CMS and walked through a very well written get started tutorial to create this.... a website for a bogus landscaping company. I still haven't wrapped my head around it but I think I'm getting there. And the rest of the day, well that was taken up playing Top Spin on the WII. I'm hooked!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I'm just not in the mood for pouncing today so I thought I would share a little of my own home made goodness. Each year I make the boys a Christmas T-shirt ~ again not sure how the tradition started. Usually they entail a completely inappropriate image for Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere ~ think Santa, snow, reindeer ~ you get the idea. But not this year (or should I say last year) I made these!! The trees are from fabric by Japanese fabric company called Kokka that I appliqued onto T-shirts with a nice little blanket stitch. I found the fabric at Kelani Fabric Obsession a store that has such a lovely choice of fabrics. I especially love the selection from Australian designers. The shirts are a hit with the boys and they've already worn them twice! Imagine, a Christmas shirt that has life after Christmas. Oh, and Happy New Year, I know it's belated but I'm really not a fan of the first day of the year.