Friday, June 26, 2009

Rainbow Swirlz

I discovered this etsy store last year, but it looks like Rainbow Swirlz is either no longer on esty or gone out on their own. Regardless it's nice to see that I can still buy their whimsical printed t-shirts and bags. I love the owl field bag! I'm also a big fan of the robots! Oh and as extra incentive, they are having a giveaway competition - you can check it out here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Home for my Phone

I am the first to admit I'm a little too attached to my iPhone. Since I got it last December it has been housed in a small drawstring bag that came with the youngest one's latest pair of sunglasses. Someone introduced my to Beyzacases who make leather cases for all types of phones and laptops. I finally bought one last week. They are really well made, which does make them a little more expensive. While I really wanted the green (don't I always), it was this style in classic black that I chose.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Own Canberra Moment

There are many quirks to living in the Nation's capital. One is that they give directions by building names which is very confusing for newcomers who don't know one building from another and have to navigate streets that appear to be just one giant roundabout. The other quirk is the 'canberra moment' - everyone knows everybody else. As a part time employee and relative newcomer I have never had a 'canberra moment' until yesterday. This invite was sent to me by beautiful Lisa of Tango & James and Canberra's Got Style fame. It's being held at Misschief Maker owned by Kate (who I have only met once). Kate is a good friend with my gorgeous friend Rach - who owns Mr Mudge. I work with Rach's husband! I think I can now call myself a Canberran, or should that be an Australian Capital Territorian? Oh and if you are in Canberra come along to the High Tea Event - it should be fun.

Monday, June 8, 2009

More about fabric

I am becoming increasingly interested in learning how to print my own fabric. I recently stumbled across some inspiring Australians that are doing some lovely work. The top picture is a fabric pack from the Ink & Spindle online store. They are a group of three textile designers based in Melbourne that hand print their own designs. Their blog is worth reading and their store site has templates to help you design your own reapeating pattern. The bottom is from the of paper and thread esty store. Danielle, the designer, is based in Western Australia and has her designs printed. Both stores practice environmental printing techniques.