Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Surgery

So this time the surgery is not mine. Almost 2 weeks ago my darling husband went under the knife to try and correct an injury from a motorbike accident from almost 23 years ago, which resulted in an arm that doesn't straighten. He was in and out in a day - amazing! I'm amused though by the way surgeons now write their own cryptic messages on you before you go under. This notation, we presume, is so he got the correct elbow and we think the MD may be his initials. I especially love the 'this way up" arrow.  I shouldn't ask the question, but are there really surgeries being performed by the wrong surgeon on the wrong limb? And no he's not usually that pink, it must have been whatever they doused him in prior to the op.
The stitches are now out and the torture device aka CPM (continuous passive motion) machine goes back tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be back on the bike soon since his cycling has been the catalyst for all this discomfort.

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