Saturday, December 19, 2009

6 Sleeps to Go

As the boys would say... 6 sleeps to go! Between the advent calendar and the counting of sleeps they are getting very excited about Christmas. School is now over for the year and our tradition of baking and creating for our friends is all done. The last of our little Christmas treats left the house this morning and I think they looked quite cute all packaged up with ribbon and gift cards from Kikki-K. Now all I have to think about is what to cook for Christmas lunch. Suggestions anyone?

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Maxxxie said...

You know, when I read the "six sleeps to go" subject, I actually had to sit and wonder what the countdown was for! Xmas is a bit of a non-event in the Max household. So as I sat there scratching my head, I'm going through the list of possibilities. A birthday? A trip away? A graduation? What could it be???? Err, yes, I am mentally challenged. Why do you ask? :D

Xmas lunch: you really can't go past a roast chicken or roast ham. To me, these are necessities that make it, by definition, an xmas lunch as opposed to some other run-of-the-mill lunch. All sorts of salads. Fruit, cake, fruitcake ;) To me, xmas lunch is a total indulgence. Yes, I might need to ride a million Km on the bike to work it off, but it'd be worth it. So very worth it :)