Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flickr three :: violet

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kioloa Beach

This is where we've been hiding for the last three days - at Kioloa Beach on the South Coast of NSW. It was so relaxing and on a day like this one it just makes me appreciate where I live. The beach was relatively quiet and the water was relatively warm and my little men had so much fun. The big one is getting too brave in the surf now and even caught some waves on his body board. The little one still loves spending time at the shoreline and making drip castles. Here they are just about to dip their toes in the water. This photo really shows off the beautiful Australian light. I think it has a quality that you don't see anywhere else. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Violet

Once again my hexadecimal (named) colour does not match my mind's eye but here's what I came up with:
TOP: From Yumi Yumi's store - I was at the point of giving up on the old colour search tool when this print appeared. I am already a Yumi Yumi convert and just last month bought 3 more of her owl prints. Her work is so serene and she is so easy to deal with.
MIDDLE: From Mannmadedesigns store - I know I know it doesn't strictly match my target colour but how cute is this? And you can choose your centre colour.
BOTTOM - From Shibang Designs - look closely my colour is there. I have a thing for felt at the moment. Now all I need is the laptop to go in it, or maybe an Apple tablet (sweetie, if you're reading this, that was just a bad attempt at humour).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Lofty Goal to Accomplish

My goal this week is to talk about a goal. If you're wondering about the weekly challenges they come from 52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion; eBook and forum from the lovely Tara of Scoutie Girl. My ultimate goal and one of the reasons for the return to study is to print my own fabric. To most maybe not a lofty goal but up until recently I've struggled with where to start? I had a few serendipitous moments this week, remember my cleaner (the lovely Lana) who asked me to make her a sakura design? Well in preparation for this I decided to teach myself the art of creating a repeating pattern. That's my first attempt at the bottom - I'm not in love with it I think it's too symmetrical but I am pleased that it repeats. Then I discovered Spoonflower and my goal suddenly had a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I'm hooked and again, by way of experiment, I did the sakura tree (top) and turned it into a repeating pattern on Spoonflower. As a single image again I'm not crazy about it but as a repeat I think it has potential - do you agree? The repeat for this by the way is showing what a yard would look like. So right now I feel like I'm on the base of a big mountain that I definitely have the energy to climb - wish me luck!
P.S. It may be a little quiet on my blog front next week. We are off to the beach and staying in a spot that has no mobile coverage... nice.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flickr three :: plum


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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Writing and why I keep a blog

Most of you know I'm returning part time to university this year. In preparation I'm taking what's called a Study Link course in Writing for University, just to get my head back into academic thinking and writing. So far the course has been great and even though it only started last week I'm close to completing it - let's hope this level of enthusiasm and organisation will last to graduation (in about 6 years time!). Now I'm working on the final essay (can you tell I'm procrastinating?) about the functions of writing and came across an insightful quote that, to me, gave the reason why I keep a blog. So if anyone asks I will reply "How can I know what I think till I see what I say" - Graham Wallas (1926 - 1979).
I went to iheartit to find a picture but instead took a photo of my little study nook. It's actually a converted built in wardrobe that I refurbished last year. I love my little space, it's a great place to work... so back to that essay.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Plum

My colour of the week (plum) wasn't the same in hexadecimal as it was in my mind. But I decided to stay true to my method and go with it and here's what I found.
TOP - Over the Rainbow Design was found using the old colour search. This was a really hard one to get results this time around, you can see the background is closer to my target colour. But then I thought how useful this hat would be on my weekly winter early frosty morning visits to the local farmers markets. This one is for toddlers, do you think they would make one in my size?
MIDDLE - Stephanie Fizer's Cheshire Cat. Isn't this adorable? I just love the I've been up to something smirk.
BOTTOM - Zannabella's Jewellery to Treasure glass, copper and crystal pendant. I know, there's not a whole lot of plum in this picture but it's there and the green sure is a nice complement. Love the ribbon, love the colours.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Flickr three :: crimson

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Overcoming an Obstacle

The challenge this week is to write about an obstacle that I overcame. This has been a tough topic for me... why is that? To say I have had a charmed existence may be an exaggeration but I don't have a tale of hardship either. And then it hit me, what has been my biggest obstacle? Me... and my confidence in my creative abilities. I have always been a creator, I was the small girl making Barbie her clothes, drawing elaborate scenes that always featured horses, painting T-shirts for friends, making hats, quilts... you name it I've probably tried it. So what happened? Where did that girl go? Somehow I got lost in the world of computers and training and fell into great jobs. Well this year feels like I'm joining the dots of all past experiences and coming back to where I started. Just yesterday my cleaner asked me to design her a picture of cherry blossoms, and my response? I can do that!
{image via weheartit} how it fits with my post I'm not sure but I love the notion of stars in my lap.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Fabric Find and Hawthorne Threads

My gorgeous friend Rach sent me a link to Hawthorne Threads last week and I was besotted. I don't think I've seen such a gorgeous range of fabric under one 'virtual' roof. Luckily for me I was in need of some fabric for my boys' birthday t-shirts and then I was just so inspired by these - a selection from Echino fabrics. I just love the top right and even though I have no plans for it yet I bought a yard. These remind me of all the good design that exists in Japan. After living there in total for 3 years I experienced a lot of not so good design but this just shows that it's out there. Now the only question is what should I do with it? I'm thinking of buying some foam and making a cushion for our hallway shoe rack, what do you think? Suggestions would be welcome.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Crimson

My colour of the week is crimson and here are the winners from my Esty colour search. A funny thing happened this week, I started to look past the product and focus on the photo, which is what attracted me to the last two, especially the Swarovksi crystal beads. Just goes to show that a good product shot can make a sale - don't you think?
TOP - John W Golden digital reproduction print filled me with a whole load of nostalgia.
MIDDLE - A Sultry Affair Beads - Crimson Swarovski crystal. I love that only one of those beads is in focus.
BOTTON - Supplier - Cherry Organza Midi Flower. Can't you just see a whole world of uses for these?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dorthe Hybel Ceramics

I seem to have an eye for jugs at the moment, which may explain why these caught my eye. Beautiful, right? I just love the shape of the milk jug (bottom left). These are by Dorthe Hybel a Danish Ceramics Designer and in Australia you can buy them from Elevate Design.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Flickr three :: light pink

{image: Kevin Steele}

{image: d2digital}
Keeping with my light pink colour of the week, 3 images from Flickr via the Idée Multicolr Search. All images are under Creative Commons license.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Shameless Plug

I am shamelessly plugging Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey which,  by the way, I haven't read... does that make sense? Well, kind of, you see lovely Eileen over at bluebirdluxe is running a competition to win this book and I'm trying to check the boxes. Leave a comment (check), blog about it (check) and subscribe to her site (almost).

Quilting: A fine example of chaos theory

I have long held the theory that quilting is actually chaos theory in action. A small error in measuring or in my case in calculating yardage can result in a completely unexpected outcome. Maybe not of the magnitude of a cyclone caused by butterfly wings but try telling that to the quilter. Here is what is currently occupying my sewing table.
A very long line of stacks of six 10" squares that is my latest quilt project and goes against everything I have done previously. Firstly everything is curved, these squares are cut into four pieces using lines drawn freehand as a guide.

This randomness is both liberating and just a little bit nerve wrecking for me. I've always dutifully followed patterns that involve squares and at most the odd triangle but never curves. Then comes the task of mixing the pieces up and sewing them back together, but they don't go back together they end up a puckered and misaligned mess, which is normal and encouraged according to the pattern.
So now I have a stack that needs clipping and ironing and trimming down to size because these blocks were never destined to be 10" squares. This is as far as I've got and I'm certain the result will be wonderful but the process is well... chaotic.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Light Pink

So here's a new one for me this year. I've decided to combine two things I love in a weekly post. My first love is colour and I'm sure every creative soul out there would feel the same. Do you stumble when someone asks you what your favourite colour is? I dedicated almost two years of my life studying under Peter Travis (funny article about him here ); colourist, designer, ceramicist and kite maker. He was the teacher in my academic life and the knowledge I gained from him is just about all I remember from my art school days. My second love is Etsy... I don't think I need to elaborate. So using the 3 tools for searching on Etsy; Shop by Color, the new Shop by Color and just a plain search for all things handmade using my colour of the week as a keyword. The first thing that took my eye was the winner and here's what I found.  From top they are Teavites from Ligaya's Shop, Peony Print from Nonna Illustration and Design and Light Pink Handspun Scarf from Hand Made Scarf Lovers shop, which interestingly was the closest match to my hexidecimal colour using the keyword 'light pink'.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Fabric

This post was actually to see if I could post from my iPhone. The image came across OK but no text?

From Little Things Big Things Grow

So a new day is dawning my blog world. I have occupied this space for over 2 years now with no other reason than to find inspiration. I read an article somewhere that recommended keeping a blog for just that reason. It would have been so easy to scoff at that advice but instead I took it on board. There's something about writing about it that makes you see the world a little differently. I have always been a visual person (went to Art school) but this pursuit has made me look at my world as being blog worthy or not blog worthy. Suddenly the little things have meaning.
I have already given my blog a new look and feel and so far I am happy with the result, I sure had fun with Photoshop brushes. I am going back to University this year, just one subject next semester and if it's alright by you I might keep what and where to myself for a little while. Safe to say it will enhance my creative endeavours (nothing like thinking positively). I'm sure I will let you in on what I'm doing and no doubt when frustration hits and I need some input, advice or just to run an idea by you.
Image via weheartit - reminded me of the song by Paul Kelly - From Little Things Big Things Grow and seemed fitting for my title today.
And my mission this year is to inspire myself and others by showcasing good design, mesmerizing images, my projects, photos and creative journey. Along the way develop a community of friends, so come and join me there's nothing to lose.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Birthday Hearts

I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to my oldest friend in the world. It's quite rare these days that you can boast of knowing someone for 37 years. We grew up in a small outback town, went to university in different cities, lived at opposite ends of the earth on more that one occasion and now find ourselves once again living in the same place. She is a big fan of hearts and I know would love these little goodies from Kikki-K.