Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Light Pink

So here's a new one for me this year. I've decided to combine two things I love in a weekly post. My first love is colour and I'm sure every creative soul out there would feel the same. Do you stumble when someone asks you what your favourite colour is? I dedicated almost two years of my life studying under Peter Travis (funny article about him here ); colourist, designer, ceramicist and kite maker. He was the teacher in my academic life and the knowledge I gained from him is just about all I remember from my art school days. My second love is Etsy... I don't think I need to elaborate. So using the 3 tools for searching on Etsy; Shop by Color, the new Shop by Color and just a plain search for all things handmade using my colour of the week as a keyword. The first thing that took my eye was the winner and here's what I found.  From top they are Teavites from Ligaya's Shop, Peony Print from Nonna Illustration and Design and Light Pink Handspun Scarf from Hand Made Scarf Lovers shop, which interestingly was the closest match to my hexidecimal colour using the keyword 'light pink'.

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