Monday, February 1, 2010

And So Begins Birthday Month

My darling husband, aka the cyclist, turns 42 today. He's quite excited by this as up until last week he thought he was already 42 so he feels like he has won back a whole year. Just one of the many reasons I love him - if the details are not important then he doesn't pay attention. I mean really, what is an age anyway? I admit I don't devote much of my blog world to the cyclist - I kind of like to keep him to myself. He's an extraordinary person who can be frustratingly grumpy and overwhelmingly thoughtful. Without exaggeration he's so smart that I often struggle to keep up with the way his brain works. He has a quick wit and watching him with the boys is one of my favourite pastimes. Best of all, he puts up with me and after 22 years of knowing him and 11 years married to him he's still the person I most want to spend my time with.
Happy Birthday sweetie - if you're stuck for a new bike colour how about this one?


Eileen said...

Ahhh, that's the sweetest! :)

Happy Birthday Cyclist!

Luna said...

Hi there. I love your blog - lovely images you've picked out.

Stop by sometime....

Luna :)