Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday Month Continues

My little man turns 5 today but we celebrated with a party last Saturday. Here he is ready for his party and posing in his birthday t-shirt (I'm not sure about this 'smile'). The birthday t-shirts are now a tradition and they have definitely evolved over the last 5 years. They used to be made with printable iron-on transfers with a naff design hastily created in Illustrator. Then I started to make applique t-shirts and this year they have the same number of stars as their age; I love stars and odd numbers so this worked for me and they don't seem to mind. The green alien was his choice and I'm just glad that it wasn't blue this year.

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Maxxxie said...

That is a really cool birthday cake! When I was a kid, my mate and I once made a birthday cake for his little brother. It was a swimming pool! Basically, it was a round chocolate sponge cake with the centre dug out, and filled in with jelly (the "water"), and in the water were jelly babies and lifesaver lollies! For the life of me, I can't remember how it tasted, or even how we managed to eat it, but his brother loved it!