Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Indigo

I just knew that a search for indigo would yield something inspired by Japan. I was happy to see that I was right. I should add that the old Etsy colour search once again let me down. It just couldn't understand my colour request and it returned some very strange results. Give it a go, does it do the same for you? My finds for this week are:
TOP: Alice in Paris print from an original painting. Called Hayley's Dream - Moon, Cat & Girl.
MIDDLE: Japanese Obi inspired cushion cover from dgs Home. This filled me with a whole world of nostalgia for my Japan days {hisashiburi - as they would say}. This also makes me think I should go in search of my yukata (summer kimono).
BOTTOM: I love this top from Horis Japan Blue. Using traditional shibori dyeing for something new. This form of dyeing orginated in Nagoya which is where I used to live and work. I'm sure I still have some of my own shibori attempts stashed away somewhere. I wonder where they could be?

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