Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getting Creative

My task this week is to talk about when I first fell in love with creating. For me it started with my mother and her love of sewing. She is such a beautiful seamstress and over the years has made everything from quilts, to dolls clothes to overly complicated Issey Miyake shirts (for me). She started to teach me when I was young and I had the best outfitted Barbie on the block. Eventually I started making my own T-shirts and painted them for myself and friends. I was the girl who always had a sketch book and my creative bent diverged from my mother into ceramics, photography and drawing. When I went to art school I was convinced that drawing was going to be my major - that was up until I met the chain smoking lecturer that we nicknamed Spacey Holliday. She single-handedly turned me off drawing and I haven't sat and sketched for years. So design became my major and I built stages and furniture and now I've come back to sewing.
{Images via weheartit and turned into polaroids using my new favourite toy - Poladroid }


Zoe of Sleepy Moon Design said...

I used to crochet little backpacks for my tiny stuffed puppies I forget what they were called. I also used to love working with pastels but have not done any real drawing in years!! Now I design jewellery.

Max said...

What did she do to turn you off drawing?