Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Blue

Blue is not a colour that registers with either colour search engines... by the way. I should really have posted some of the results just to prove the point. So here's what I found by searching for 'blue' which returned 14653 results.
TOP: Winter Lights Set of 3 prints from T R Mack Studio just made me feel cool and now I'm really starting to look forward to winter.
MIDDLE: Firebird House Vintage Blue and White Spun Glass Trade Beads Bracelet. I confess I was more enamored with the photo than the bracelet. So perfectly staged and definitely eye catching.
BOTTOM: Fringe Curiouser Neck Ruffle - which just had me bemused. I love the curiouser and curiouser embroidered on the ribbon. But where would I wear it?

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