Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Light Green

I hope you'll humour me with my colour me happy post today. I thought that light green would be in abundance and yield an array of eye catching results that would have me scratching my head and trying to work out which to use. How wrong I was, well that was until I found the image at top... look closely and you'll see my colour. Once I landed at Lola's Room Photography etsy store I couldn't stop at one image, they are all beautiful and very nostalgic. So my light green comes to you today from the same place. The images are:
TOP: Cotton 8 x 8 Print
MIDDLE: Simplicity 8 x 8 Print
BOTTOM: Sunday 8 x 8 Print


Luna said...

I love the photography at Lola's Room too. She does that faded vintage thing so well :)

misssrobin said...

These are beautiful. The thread and buttons make me think of my grandma, who taught me to sew.

And I would be thrilled to have the closet full of those great green clothes.