Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Colour Me Happy Wednesday :: Turquoise

I was very excited by my colour this week, I just had a good feeling that turquoise would yield some great results. It's not a colour I normally go for, although I do have a turquoise shirt that I just love. Here's what I found:
TOP: mlwdesigns Teal Sunflower print (close enough to turquoise to me).
MIDDLE: Elloh's Secret Agent and the Red Balloon limited edition print. This one really made me smile... apparently it's a part of a whole series. Go and have a look at her mini library book complete with library card... adorable.
BOTTOM: Kainkain's Black Linen with Turquoise Chrysant Flower - there's just nothing like a cushion cover to change the mood of the room, don't you think?

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