Monday, March 8, 2010

Don't You Just Love Telephone Companies?

We have had an interesting time with our telephone company this weekend. We lost phone and internet on Friday night, we had no phone (just mobiles) all Saturday and no internet. Our phone returned on Saturday evening but still no internet.. can you imagine? No *gasp* blogging. Do you remember what you did before the internet? Let's just say our garden is practically free from weeds, trees have been trimmed, my blog redesign is taking shape and this morning I finished the 25km of the Big Canberra Bike Ride. By Sunday we had a phone... or so we thought... that was until a lovely lady called (using speed dial) her parents and got me... a lot of confusion ensued and we finally established that we had a phone alright but not our number. We now had someone else's phone number, they had nothing and our number had presumably disappeared. And still not internet. You may have already guessed that since I am now back at my blog then all has been fixed... and you would be right. And the problem? Some vandals who thought it would be a good joke to quite literally get our wires crossed.
{image via wehearit}

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