Sunday, March 28, 2010

Studio Tour :: Favourite Equipment

This week's challenge it to take you on a studio tour or introduce you to my favourite equipment. I so wish I could take you on a studio tour but the truth is the magic happens in a study I share with my darling husband. You've already seen my lovely workspace and on the other wall sits my sewing table with my trusty Bernina sewing machine that I bought in Atlanta so I have to use a converter to change the voltage from 240 to 110 - one day I'll change the motor. So let me introduce you to my favourite equipment. Without a doubt it would be my iMac... I just love it and being a Mac user is a new thing for me. I was 100% a Windows girl up until August last year when I took the plunge. There is no turning back for me and my darling husband now refers to me as an 'Apple Fan Boy' - thanks to my iPhone, iPod and iMac.. and yes I do want an iPad. My favourite tools on my iMac are without a doubt Adobe Illustrator (there's a sneak peek of my next Uni assignment due tomorrow). Adobe Dreamweaver that I've been using since the time there was a company called Macromedia. My new favourite tool is Evernote, I have it on my iMac, iPhone, my PC at work and I can also access it online. It just keeps my overflowing thoughts in one easy place that I can reference. Now back to that assignment.

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Brandi said...

My computer is my favorite tool, too! I'm not sure I could ever let it go - I use it every day without fail for some reason or another.

I love the idea of Evernote - Windows has a similar program called OneNote that's been my saving grace. I never knew how handy it would be till I started using it. Now, it's my go-to brainstorming program.